Grey Blocker


Diet supplement Grey Blocker This specialized treatment, based components have a salutary effect on the hair and restore their young, healthy look. Thanks to its unique composition of active substances preparation in naturally stimulates the body to produce melanin, complementing its deficiencies, and thus - anti-aging and hair and stopping the their graying. It's still not everything! Increased melanin production contributes to recover the old hair color confers density and volume, strengthens and regenerates from the roots to the tips. Effect? Strong, shiny hair, more beautiful and healthier than ever before!


Active ingredients


commonly known as vitamin H, it contains particles of sulfur that affect the proper functioning of the skin, hair and nails. Deeply regenerates hair, increases their strength, stimulates growth and prevents graying and hair loss.

The extract of bilberry

It contains many valuable vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, zinc and selenium, which nourish the hair, slowing the aging process. The blueberry extract enhances the production of melanin, which restores graying hair to its natural color.

The complex B vitamins

a collection of ten organic compounds, which prevents hair loss, strengthens their structure, restores vitality, protects against free radicals, prevent the loss of natural pigment and helps to keep the color longer.


Maria, 55 years

White hair? This is the past! It took only two months of application Grey Blocker that my hair started to recover original color. In addition, they are healthier and shinier. With a new haircut again I feel young! "

Thomas, 43 years

Tablets presented me wife. I did not believe in their miraculous effect, but I have to admit, really paying off. Hair graying stopped, grew stronger and began to grow faster. Grey Blocker is now my constant companion. "

Agnieszka, 28 years

When I saw myself in the first gray hair, I was really scared - yet I do not even 30 years! Fortunately, I discovered Grey Blocker, so that my hair quickly regained its natural color. Neither band of gray - what a relief!